About The English Bus

The English Bus operates tours in the UK, taking you to fantastic places, giving you unforgettable experiences, introducing you to new international friends in a fantastic, friendly environment.

We take visitors from all around the world on our tours; everyone is welcome on The English Bus – whoever you are and whoever you are with!

You may be visiting London as a tourist; perhaps you are living in the UK working or studying. We guarantee you will enjoy your tour on The English Bus. We are so confident of this that if you don't enjoy your tour we will happily refund the cost of your tour so long as you let us know why you didn't enjoy the experience!


We love people. You are our speciality. We focus on both the group and the individual. Some people come alone, some people come with friends, some as a family – whoever you are with, we will help you relax, feel comfortable, and enjoy your time with us.

Some people come alone, some people come with friends, some as a family - joining us on a tour is a wonderful way to meet people from around the world if you so wish.

Groups are small - maximum 16 people. We keep groups small so we can give you that personal experience. The group is never too big for us to give everyone a personal experience but big enough that if you want some quiet time then that is fine!

Our groups tend to be very international! Your driver/guides are British and our customers are from all over the world. From Australia to Zimbabwe everyone is welcome!

Typically, on each tour we have customers from many different countries. Some from not so far away – the UK, Ireland and Europe, some from much further away – North America, South America, Asia and Australasia.

Because of our commitment to people and their experience many of our customers come on The English Bus again, and again.

The English Bus Experience

We aim to give you fantastic memories of your tour on The English Bus, through sharing our passion for the language, the country and people, connecting you with everything you see and the people you share it with!

Non-native speaker? If you are a non-native English speaker we want to improve your experience by helping you speak English. Travelling on The English Bus and speaking English will enhance your experience socially and academically.

Where does The English Bus go?

Please see our tour page for places we visit on tours.

Of course we want to show you the famous sights, but because of our experience and passion for the country we know lots of places you might not - but we know that you will love them! – Those places you perhaps wouldn’t get to see on a typical big bus tour.

You can be sure to see and learn about the best bits of wherever we go. You'll also enjoy our journey - being part of the group and having the chance to see some of the beautiful countryside and places on the route that people on trains, planes and normal buses wouldn't! On every tour we always give full commentary on our journeys so you know what you are seeing.

History of The English Bus

The first tours on The English Bus began in 2007 by Chris Horsey. Having travelled extensively, lived on three continents and spent a long time teaching English as a foreign language, he found himself stuck in an uninspirational office job in his home city of London looking for a way to combine his interests in a job.

The English Bus started as a combination of his love and passion - meeting international people, teaching people, driving round the back roads of Britain, making new friends, sharing his country with others. How better to do those things than to do them at the same time?

Now The English Bus has grown and whilst Chris is still the main guide, Jen now runs the office and we have a small team working together. The future? We are always on the look out for exceptional people to join us (check out the Jobs page for more details). Who knows for definite what the future holds but we love what we do, and we don’t want to stop. We hope to share The English Bus experience with as many people as possible!