Brighton, Seven Sisters and Lewes

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This is a one day tour to some of the best places on the south coast of England! First the 944 year old Castle, then the spectacular Seven Sisters white cliffs - up to 160m above the sea - and finally to Englands most liberal city - Brighton.


Explore and enjoy the most vibrant seaside resort in England! The whole city is full of energy and music and an atmosphere unique to Brighton. You'll be able to visit the famous Brighton Beach and explore Brighton Pier. There will lots of time to explore the city - a chance to experience the famous Brighton "Lanes" - small streets full of shops, cafes and bars and finally fish and chips on the beach perhaps?!

Seven Sisters

You'll see these huge white cliffs on the south coast of England, "Seven" because of the seven high points of the white cliffs. We'll go down to the beach to see them from the bottom, then climb to the top! A chance to walk along the tops of the cliffs and enjoy the amazing views - if we are lucky you might be able to see France!


We'll be exploring this wonderful historic English town and its 944 year old castle, admiring the amazing views of the town of Lewes and the surrounding countryside and learning about one of the most important parts of English history!

A balance between history, amazing natural landscapes and the most vibrant and liberal city!


The most energetic, colourful, open-minded and fun seaside resort in England. A high point for many visits to England there is so much to see and do.

The famous Brighton beach with its pebbles and pier, full of energy from excited visitors, incredible nightlife in it's pubs, bars and clubs, cute little "lanes" with boutique shops and hidden cafes, Brighton has a unique culture and atmosphere that must be experienced!

Seven Sisters

Seven giant white chalk cliffs form the Seven Sisters, rising to a height of 162m with a vertical drop down to the beach. Amazing views out across the sea - on a clear day if you can see the coast of France. A place to make you feel humble and human!


Small yet beautiful historic English town, Lewes is home to Lewes Castle. Built in 1069 (944 years ago!), Lewes Castle is a great reminder of England's long history. It dominates the small town of Lewes and there are beautiful views all around the countryside. Lewes Castle was built 3 years after the most important date in English history - 1066 - when the French man William the Conquerer invaded England and became King!

We'll be visiting the castle in the morning, then lunch and early afternoon at the Seven Sisters Country Park then to Brighton.

Day 1 - Explore the south coast of England - Brighton, Seven Sisters and Lewes
We'll be visiting Lewes in the morning, then to Seven Sisters for lunch and on to Brighton for the afternoon and evening!
8.45am Departure Time - Depart from outside Kennington Underground Station

After we meet, we'll introduce ourselves, your driver/guide will explain the plan for the day and we'll start driving through London and out towards the castle with one toilet/coffee stop on the way!

Mid Morning - Lewes

We'll drive south out of London through the green countryside to the town of Lewes. We'll be here for an hour to see the castle and explore the historic town. A great chance to learn some more about English history too.

Late Morning - Seven Sisters

We'll drive 30 minutes from the castle to the beautiful Seven Sisters country park. Why not walk along the cliff tops admiring the spectacular views and take the chance to climb down the steps to the beach and see the spectacular views of the white cliffs.

Afternoon/Evening - Brighton

From the Seven Sisters we will drive east along the coast to the city of Brighton! You'll have all afternoon and the early evening to explore - for the brave you can swim in the sea. Visit Brighton pier and ride some of its rollercoasters, explore the lanes and their little boutique shops and vibrant cafes and bars and see the curiously strange Indian looking Royal Pavilion!

7.30pm - Arrive Central London

We'll arrive back in central London at approximately 8.30pm depending on traffic conditions. We'll stop at convenient places for you to get home after another great day on The English Bus

What's included in the Tour Price?

The tour price includes all your travel and the personal services of your friendly driver and guide.

What's not included in the Tour Price?

Meals are not included.

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